June 2017 Antenna Repair

After one of the worst winters on record, we spent 4 days repairing and upgrading the W7RN Antenna Farm.
40 Meter Stack Repair – Upgraded to the New M2 Truss System for the elements

Repair Middle 4el 20 Bent Elements

Fix Driven Element on 10M Stack                                                                 Fix Bad Balun on 6el 15M East Yagi  

Fix Bent Element and Balun on 2el 40M                                            Replace Mast and Fix Rotator on 6M and 12/17 Beam  

All Eight Towers on Line Again

Last Big Project is installing the 100 lb Star Guys on the 45′ 20M West Tower

Crew included K7NV, K6NV, XE2K, KH2TJ, W7LBH, WK6I, K5RC, N7SAX, K7AFO