RTTY Contesting

An integral part of W7RN Advancing the State of the Art in Radiosport is WK6I’s continual evolution of RTTY Contesting. Jeff is now dominating the domestic RTTY’s contests with his “SO6V” (Single Op, 6 VFO’s) station setup and he is placing highly in the international RTTY contests. An amazing feat from the West Coast.

SO3R/SO6V, 3 HAL TU’s, 3 Computers, 3 Keyboards, 3 Mice, 3 log windows, 6 Control Panels, 12 G3YDD 2 Tone Displays, 18 RTTYWrite Windows, Antenna Controls on 4th monitor. HamPlus Antenna switching installed and operational – any radio any band. One Rubber Chicken.RTTY