3 over 3 80 Meter Beams!


For more than thirty years, K5RC and W5FU have been building ham radio stations that challenge the state of the art in amateur radio communications. The Comstock Memorial Station is the final project for those of us who are dedicated to the perpetuation of the hobby to share our knowledge, skills and passion for excellence with future generations of hams.

8 Towers, 31 Antennas

  Our Mission

To perpetuate the hobby of amateur radio and to lead the advancement of the state of the art and of operating skills in Radiosport.

  In Memorial...

The station is dedicated to the memory of hams who exemplified skill, passion and dedication to excellence. They include N5JJ,  K5LZO,  I2UIY, 9N1MM and W1FZJ.

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The Comstock Memorial Station

Virginia City, Nevada USA

Storey County   DM09


Advancing the State of the Art in Radiosport

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