The K5RC/K5GA Multiop

The multioperator bug bit hard. In 1976, I bought another tract house that backed up onto 5 acres of abandoned gas well heads. We leased it and put together a formidable station that was competitive until Hurricane Alicia brought it down in 1983. In 1986, KG5U purchased the house an the only tower to survive the hurricane. Dale still lives in this house.

3L40   i45
K5ZD changing a Tailtwister on top of a 140′ tubular leg tower that was 11″ on a face and had 7 sets of guy wires. The antennas are a full-size Telrex 3 element 40 and a 5el 10M yagi.

Multiop Cigar
Over the years, we held a number of Multi-Single records in CQ WW DX Contests.

Before Computers K5KGandK5RC79 MM NA76